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A series by any other name [poll time!]

Originally published at Cogs & Neurons. You can comment here or there.

Two things.

One: Yesterday’s Hero has a preliminary cover with the title and my name and cool stuff like that on it.  Check it:

I don’t know about you, but I kind of like that.

Two: One of the reasons this is just a preliminary cover, is that now I have a book two, I need a series name.  Or something similar.  I got a few suggestions from folk on facebook, and then I messed around with my own ideas.  And then I ran everything by The Arbiter of Taste (otherwise known as Mrs Wood).  So based on that conversation there is now a shortlist.

Coming up with names is always a horrible ordeal for me, and I’m never sure if I’ve picked the right thing, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to crowd-source some good taste.  Therefore I officially announce the first Help-Me-Pick-A-Name-For-My-Series Poll:

Take Our Poll

Thanks for the help!